Bill Tillson

Bill Tillson has been in the television industry for over 30 years. His in-depth knowledge spans all areas related to the capture, process and delivery of linear and non-linear media to any platform for any device anywhere.

Bill is the co-founder of Encompass and was President and Chief Operating Officer from 2008 through 2013. During that period, Bill’s primary focus was completing four major acquisitions and integrating each acquired company into the seamless worldwide entity that is Encompass today. In February 2013, Bill became Chief Executive Officer of Encompass. In January 2015, Bill assumed the position of Executive Chairman after he and the Encompass Board successfully recruited Chris Walters to succeed Bill in the CEO position. As Executive Chairman, Bill works closely with Chis providing executive leadership focused on global customer initiatives, technology partnerships, acquisitions and next-generation media delivery strategies.

Prior to Encompass, Bill was the founder and CEO of Broadcast Cable Services Inc. (BCS). Established in 1992, BCS provided consulting services to Tier One media companies related to the origination and transmission of television networks and media distribution on a global basis. BCS clients included the ABC Television Network, Disney ABC Cable Networks, Twentieth Century Fox, Viacom, Sony Pictures Television, Showtime, Game Show Network and BET.
Prior to founding BCS, Bill was a senior executive at Compact Video overseeing all network origination and transmission, post production, telecine and sound services. During his tenure at Compact Video, the company launched TVN and originated multiple networks including the Disney Channel and Starz Encore. Compact Video was the predecessor company to Ascent Media.

Bill has overseen the launch of more than 250 television networks in North America, Asia, Latin America and Europe, and he has negotiated facilities and transponder transactions in excess of $2.5 billion.

Bill was the recipient of WTA’s 2012 and 2013 Teleport Executive of the Year Award. He is the only executive to receive this award twice.

In addition to the Encompass Board of Directors, Bill serves on the Board of Directors of the Weiss School.