Bill Tillson


Bill Tillson is a 30 year veteran of the television industry.

Bill is the co-founder of Encompass and its Chief Executive Officer. Under Bill’s leadership, Encompass has completed five acquisitions. Bill also serves on the Encompass board.

Prior to Encompass, Bill was the founder and CEO of Broadcast Cable Services, Inc. (BCS) which provided consulting services to Tier One media companies related to the origination and transmission of television networks and media distribution on a global basis. BCS clients included the ABC Television Network, Disney ABC Cable Networks, Twentieth Century Fox, Viacom and Sony Pictures Television. Prior to founding BCS, Bill was a senior executive at Compact Video overseeing all network origination and transmission, post production, telecine and sound services.

Bill was the recipient of WTA’s 2012 and 2013 Teleport Executive of the Year Award. He is the only executive to receive this award twice.

In addition to the Encompass Board of Directors, Bill serves as the Board Chair of the Weiss School, a school in South Florida dedicated to gifted students.  Bill is also a member of the Media Board of the Lincoln Center.