Government Solutions

Encompass provides government organizations around the world – even in the most remote locations – with critical, secure communication links via our robust fiber and satellite infrastructure. Our global network is supporting everything from small-unit tactical communications to major press events for world leaders. We also provide the distribution channels that allow public affairs/public information elements to fulfill their responsibilities to engage and provide current, complete and accurate information to the right audience at the right time.

Channel Playout

Encompass’ on-air environments are staffed 24/7 with master control, operations and engineering. Our team of operators monitor the output of the primary and secondary feeds, satellite uplinks and downlinks as well as the digital streams for OTT/TVE solutions.

24/7 Playout

Encompass can launch and deliver channels to any screen worldwide. Our standard and customized solutions fit every digital and linear broadcasting need. With dedicated 24/7 monitoring and guaranteed SLAs, you can rest easily knowing that we’ve got you covered.

OTT/TVE Playout

Encompass brings our broadcast heritage of delivering highly reliable, broadcast-quality TV to our digital services, enabling you to reach your viewers on any device, any time.

Live Integration

Incorporate live, special event feeds into a full-time channel playout workflow. Encompass holds a strong global reputation with our ability to capture, process and deliver live content in any format, anywhere in the world.

Disaster Recovery

Dynamic backup services provide uninterrupted protection. Our geographically diverse facilities offer a multitude of DR solutions that fit your needs; from storage and playout of evergreen content on an as-needed basis to full playlist mirroring.

Global Transmission & Connectivity

Customized distribution solutions to deliver your critical content anywhere in the world. Through our vast satellite and fiber footprints, we are able to meet your diverse transmission needs and unique technical requirements.


Satellite transmissions are carried out with 140 ground antennas across six facilities globally, providing coverage to six continents. We provide customized distribution solutions to deliver your content anywhere in the world. Through our vast satellite and fiber footprints, we are able to meet diverse transmission needs and unique technical requirements.

Satellite and Fiber Capacity

Procure full-time leased and occasional-use satellite and fiber capacity at various bandwidths. Due to our close relationships with the top satellite and fiber vendors around the world, along with our in-house satellite capacity, we are able to provide competitive pricing on your satellite and fiber needs.

Fiber Routing and Cross Connects

Move content anywhere on the planet with a single service provider. Encompass offers the most extensive worldwide fiber routing network. Our vast Global Interconnect Fiber Network, fiber PoPs in NYC and award-winning teleports combine to offer a single source for full-time and occasional-use connectivity for sports, broadcast, news and program contribution providers.

Digital Asset & Content Management

Manage workflows in a collaborative environment to create, edit, store, manage and publish your assets. We utilize a complete turnkey system to ensure content availability on your organization’s website and a variety of external platforms including social media channels, streaming applications and podcasts.

Content Aggregation

Our complete content/digital asset process takes your product from submission to viewer. We ingest your content files (to include footage, graphics, closed caption text and language files); perform any required edits; complete/update the metadata; transcode the files into the required formats; archive the content for future use; and deliver the content to multiple endpoints for consumption by the target audience(s).

Archive and Storage

Ensure your digital media archive is safe, secure, accessible and redundant. We offer point and cloud storage options for your high-quality mezzanine files. Our industry-leading technologies interface instantly with your distribution channels to deliver content to end-users with low-latency, high data speeds and in the right format. We can also ensure your assets are backed up to multiple locations and platforms so that your archive is safe if disaster strikes.

Data Center

Our NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) compliant data center ensures your content and data are secure in accordance with approved federal information assurance and risk management controls, to include patching vulnerabilities as soon as they’re identified and scanning network devices for exploitable vulnerabilities. The room itself has redundant power and cooling, a clean-agent fire suppression system and multi-factor access controls.

Administration Management Tools

We offer a number of administrative tools from content dashboards to member management to detailed reporting on content usage. Our standard package includes web publishing and dashboard, but we have a large number of add-on applications such as advanced content tracking and in-depth reporting. We have the expertise to build a custom system to fit any organization’s needs.

Disaster Response

When disaster strikes, government entities must not only continue to function, but scale considerably to meet the increased needs of their affected citizens. Constant, reliable communication is critical. Our mobile satellite uplink/downlink vehicles and flyaway packages can provide emergency voice and internet connections, as well as on-site video transmission to connect your media operations center or key leader/spokesperson to the news media and audiences whose welfare depends on timely, accurate information.

Transmission and Connectivity

Encompass’ global teleport footprint offers redundant uplink, downlink and fiber connectivity. Whether you need to do antenna maintenance or if you’ve experienced a fiber cut, Encompass is there to make sure you stay on the air.

Mobile Command Center

Our satellite trucks and flyaway packs provide the connectivity to begin operating command and control centers in the immediate aftermath of a disaster that takes out the commercial infrastructure. With VoIP phones, wired/wireless Internet connections and even generator power, we can have you up and running during the first hours of the disaster response when search and rescue and situational awareness are key.

Remote Transmission & Event Services

State-of-the-art equipment and production capabilities to broadcast live events over satellite, fiber and IP from any location. Our live event production support staff has a long history of supporting the most important events worldwide. From world leader press conferences, to diplomatic briefings, to battlefield updates, we are able to deliver special-event programming by linking local, national and international media to breaking news around the world.

Production Facilities Support

Our live event production support staff has a long history of supporting the most important events worldwide. From premier events to major sporting events around the world, Encompass is there providing all of your live event crewing needs.

Studio and Stages

HD productions, live shots, satellite media tours and webcasts. Our studios and stages in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Singapore and Stamford have interconnectivity to provide live distribution via satellite, fiber or IP.

Event Streaming

Target and capture additional audiences by streaming live events online. Encompass offers an end-to-end solution, from signal acquisition, stream encoding, processing and delivering to multiscreen devices. Our multi-platform distribution services provide custom solutions to deliver your event to any platform efficiently and cost effectively.

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