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Altitude TV Streaming

Altitude Stream TV is a globally deployed, cloud-native service that takes the pain out of aggregating, encoding and packaging content for streaming and OTT platforms.

Encompass’ ability to access video content around the world is unparalleled. Our vast footprint allows us to procure thousands of hours of content via strategically located facilities, downlink antennas and fiber infrastructure, making us a worldwide market leader in content aggregation.

Altitude Stream TV’s powerful ABR encoding, JIT packaging and encryption are deployed securely in geo redundant cloud regions. This allows services to be added and removed rapidly in-line with rights agreements or to optimize resiliency.

Altitude Media Cloud powers Encompass’ cloud-native services. Altitude is a scalable and flexible processing platform designed to support the most demanding media applications. The platform is built for broadcast, providing customers with on-demand and commitment-based pricing options and industry-defining SLAs.

From acquisition to viewer consumption, Altitude Stream TV fully manages and monitors your streaming services giving you peace of mind that your audience is receiving the highest quality signal and user experience.

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