Altitude Stream TV

Altitude Stream TV is a globally deployed, cloud-native service that takes the pain out of aggregating, encoding and packaging content for streaming and OTT platforms.

Encompass’ ability to access video content around the world is unparalleled. Our vast footprint allows us to procure thousands of hours of content via strategically located facilities, downlink antennas and fiber infrastructure, making us a worldwide market leader in content aggregation.

Altitude Stream TV’s powerful ABR encoding, JIT packaging and encryption are deployed securely in geo redundant cloud regions. This allows services to be added and removed rapidly in-line with rights agreements or to optimize resiliency.

Altitude Media Cloud powers Encompass’ cloud-native services. Altitude is a scalable and flexible processing platform designed to support the most demanding media applications. The platform is built for broadcast, providing customers with on-demand and commitment-based pricing options and industry-defining SLAs.

From acquisition to viewer consumption, Altitude Stream TV fully manages and monitors your streaming services giving you peace of mind that your audience is receiving the highest quality signal and user experience.

Global Content Acquisition

There are benefits that come with the sheer scale of our global reach, including access to our international fiber network, providing connections to national broadcasters, sports leagues, news organizations and other content owners. Encompass can acquire your signal from any region globally. Whether it is via satellite, fiber, IP, ASI and SDI, we can get your content from anywhere in the world into your streaming platform using our network of resources.


Downlink antennas: Our 140 downlink antennas companywide offer international access, aggregation and distribution.

Fiber: With over 34,000 fiber route miles, we have direct connectivity to broadcasters and content owners on-net with us.

IP: We receive and support signals utilizing the leading IP delivery formats, including Zixi, SRT and RIST.

ASI and SDI: Yes, we can integrate traditional video signals into your streaming workflow.


Encompass encodes video to the highest quality into multi-bitrate ABR ladders where closed captioning and subtitles are supported. Our cloud-native encoding services are deployed in our Altitude Media Cloud regions, minimizing latency while ensuring an efficient, high-quality output that optimizes your CDN budget.


Software-based Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) Encoding: Capable of high bitrate ladders of mixed SD, HD and UHD resolutions and frame rates up to 60P

Just in Time (JIT) Packaging: HLS, MPEG-DASH and Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS)

Encryption: Fairplay, Widevine and PlayReady (V4.0+), supporting CPIX protocol

Closed Captioning & Subtitling Support: WebVTT, IMSC1 embedded CC and TTML

Live 2 VOD Support: Optional L2V services allow specific segments of the live stream to be captured into video files for use in VOD workflows, enabling highlight reels and catch-up TV


Encompass provides packaging in all major formats, including HLS, Microsoft Smooth Stream (MSS) and MPEG-DASH. Our solution offers a cloud-native, single efficient process which allows you to take your stream, package once and deliver to multiple platforms, reaching your audience on their connected devices.


Just in Time (JIT) Packaging: HLS, MPEG-DASH and Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS)

Origin Services: Flexible manifest manipulation to tailor streams to devices and platforms, plus high-capacity origin and CDN shield

CDN Integration:  Peered with major CDNs to deliver reliable video directly from Altitude Media Cloud across all regions

DVR Window: Optionally add with our origin services from a few minutes to days allowing viewers to rewind on demand

Server-side Ad Insertion (SSAI): SCTE-35 insertion and optional support of Ad Insertion technologies and partners


Encompass monitors and manages your streaming services 24/7 in network operations centers based in our facilities worldwide. Our team of experts constantly evaluate performance ensuring maximum uptime and the highest quality stream delivery.


Managed and Monitored Services: With powerful quality management tools and real-time reporting, ensuring all streams adhere to strict standards and deliver the highest uptime

Ad insertion/Ad marking: See how your streams are performing with our customer monitoring portal with web-based monitor wall and 72hrs compliance recordings as standard

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