Encompass is a global technology services company focused on supporting broadcasters (television and radio), cable networks and OTT service providers. We design, implement and operate reliable video solutions that capture, process and deliver our clients’ video content from any source, in any format, to any destination in the most efficient manner possible.

As a leader in comprehensive, end-to-end video solutions, Encompass owns and operates broadcast facilities throughout Argentina (Buenos Aires), Asia (Singapore), U.K. (London and Woofferton) and U.S.A. (Atlanta, Minneapolis, New York Metro). Specializing in full-time playout and live ad-hoc transmission services, the company is a global gateway for moving media throughout EMEA, Latin America, Pacific Rim and U.S.A. Encompass services 1,200 channels, delivering content in a variety of languages throughout Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. In addition to linear networks, Encompass provides an array of non-linear services including VOD, OTT and live streaming. Through the company’s Global Interconnect Fiber Platform, clients have the ability to manage, transport, archive and restore digital files to numerous platforms in various formats that can move from facility-to-facility or to any destination worldwide within a seamless workflow.

Premier services include channel playout, global distribution, OTT solutions, live events, disaster recovery and radio.