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Encompass' Historic Radio Site, Woofferton, Celebrates 80 Years
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The World Radio Network in four language versions is a unique radio concept and its uniqueness derives from the relationships we developed over twenty five years with public service broadcasters – whilst other radio services filter the news through one particular set of viewpoints, World Radio Network brings together a full range of international news, views and voices onto a single network.

Programme Producers

For broadcasters and producers of programming we can add your content if suitable to the World Radio Network. Please get in touch to find out details.


World Radio Network brings together the news, views and voices from around the world to educate, entertain and enlighten your listeners and subscribers. So if you seek programming for your radio station, cable or satellite system on in a hotel please also contact us about becoming an affiliate or rebroadcaster. For radio stations, use of our content is flexible; broadcast one programme that’s of special interest to your audience, or use us as an overnight sustaining service – usage is wholly dependent on your needs and those of your listeners.

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