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Encompass’ Altitude Media Cloud offers a large-scale content storage system, providing long-term archive in addition to higher performance, shorter-term working storage. With content stored securely across multiple geographical regions, it is both local to you and protected from disaster. This architecture offers high-performance access to the entire content library from any Encompass facility, maximizing your opportunity to utilize the intellectual property while minimizing the costs associated with acquiring, creating, storing, manipulating, repurposing and delivering these assets.

Store Once

Powerful tri-region erasure coding combined with multiple availability zones protects your content from damage or loss.

No Queues

With Altitude Archive, waiting for content is a thing of the past. Now, you can rapidly access media in your local region.

Your Last Tape Migration

It’s the end of an era! Altitude Archive’s 100% disc architecture allows you to store ALL of your media and never have to manage a complex and expensive LTO migration ever again.

Transparent Pricing

Enjoy clear and competitive pricing with no hidden charges.

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