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Encompass' Historic Radio Site, Woofferton, Celebrates 80 Years
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We are incredibly proud and inspired by our colleagues in Latvia, the UK and Singapore who recently dedicated their time to volunteering in some of the communities in which we operate. It was wonderful to see the teams unite to give back in such a hands-on way, and knowing that our efforts positively impact the planet is truly gratifying.

First up, the Latvia team spent a day planting 5,000 pine trees in a local forest, aiding in woodland restoration, carbon mitigation, flood defense and biodiversity enhancement. Our strong team of 17 volunteers enjoyed the physical and mental challenge, fresh air and camaraderie in the Southeast of Latvia.

Next, our UK team, with 16 representatives from our London and Woofferton locations, visited one of Europe’s largest City Farms and Parks to help in the day-to-day upkeep and maintenance of the 32 acres, which included cleaning various animal enclosures and clearing the forest school areas.

Finally, our Singapore team dedicated an afternoon to cleaning a local beach. The 21-member team collected an impressive 332kg of rubbish, enhancing the marine ecosystem, creating a safer and cleaner beach for animals and locals to enjoy and raising awareness about sustainable recycling practices.

At the end of three hard (and fun) days, our teams enjoyed sitting down to have a drink in their dirty “Green Team” t-shirts, feeling tired but accomplished and appreciating our collective efforts and contributions we made to the local communities and the planet.



DPP Committed to Sustainability Programme

The DPP Committed to Sustainability Programme is an industry-leading scheme celebrating and promoting good practice in environmental sustainability across the media industry.

Encompass submitted our proposal to the DPP earlier this year and has recently been approved to join the programme. We are now listed in the Sustainability Register on the DPP website: Sustainability | DPP – the media industry’s international community

The DPP is the international association for media and technology, providing member companies with the insight and connections they need to do business better. Their goal is to bring the industry together to address the technology and operational needs of media businesses: DPP – the media industry’s international community