FM Radio

Encompass uses networks of FM transmitters operating in the 88-108 MHz band for broadcasting in the major cities of the world to reach large populations. FM radio is capable of delivering high-quality stereo audio as well as associated program-related data. Whether you want to reach an audience in the Middle East or perhaps the major cities in India or even the vastly populated Mexico City, we can find the right FM radio solution for you.

Digital Audio Broadcasting

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is a digital radio standard widely used in the UK, Europe and many other countries. DAB radio is broadcastfrom conventional terrestrial transmission masts, much like FM, and provides similar coverage. Consequently, we are able to use networks of DAB transmitters in many European countries to help you reach a large audience with your content. DAB can also provide additional on-screen information about program content or other data provided by the broadcaster, delivering a more enhanced listening experience

If you want to target densely populated cities or urban areas, contact

World Radio Network

Catch the latest in news, programming, music and more from around the world.

The World Radio Network can be received from direct-to-home satellites, cable TV, internet
audio streams and some local radio affiliates, as well as via the TuneIn phone app.

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