Medium Wave Radio

Medium wave provides a higher quality of audio to the listener than shortwave, but over shorter distances. Encompass uses medium wave radio to deliver a combination of local, national and international radio services. The signal is transmitted better at night, so will provide a much wider coverage after dark. MW (or AM) radio receivers are universal across the globe, meaning audiences need only the simplest of equipment to hear the content.

Daily, we broadcast on medium wave into the Middle East from sites in Europe and Oman. However, we also work with clients who have more bespoke transmission requirements. Occasionally, we provide mass coverage, reaching large populations in a single country. Other times, the requirements are more nuanced and political. For example, we recently facilitated broadcasts into the Korean Peninsula. Medium wave broadcasting requires careful planning and regulatory clearance work with both national and international regulatory bodies. We have been assisting our clients with this for over 25 years, allowing them to focus on creating great content while we handle the rest.

World Radio Network

Catch the latest in news, programming, music and more from around the world.

The World Radio Network can be received from direct-to-home satellites, cable TV, internet
audio streams and some local radio affiliates, as well as via the TuneIn phone app.

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