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Encompass' Historic Radio Site, Woofferton, Celebrates 80 Years
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Radiovision &


RadioVision is a DVB standard TV channel that can be viewed from any home with a satellite receiver and gives radio the prominence of being listed alongside other full-feature TV channels. The supplied content creation tools with RadioVision allow the design and scheduling of all audio and video elements. This includes live or pre-uploaded audio along with graphics, images, web pages as well as gateways for interactive social media content (Facebook, Twitter, SMS) and scrolling RSS/News feeds to be presented on-screen along with the audio content, all under the control of the broadcaster and updatable either via a schedule or in real time.  RadioVision provides radio broadcasters on satellite with a unique solution to capture new audiences. This patented system allows the creation of a satellite TV channel to accompany a radio station at a significantly lower cost than regular TV transmission.


With facilities in Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia and supported by strong relationships with leading satellite operators, Encompass distributes your content via our cost-effective network covering over 90% of the globe. This enables us to source the most effective footprint, working closely with you to use satellites to maximum advantage and bringing you the benefits of our experience, technology, infrastructure and global reach.

Direct to Home

Encompass owns and operates a transponder on Astra 2G that enables TV and radio broadcasters to distribute programming and content on to the UK DTH Sky platform in the UK. As part of this end-to-end solution, we provide encoding, multiplexing, Sky adaptation, uplink and capacity on the Astra 2G satellite to get digital radio on air.

World Radio Network

Catch the latest in news, programming, music and more from around the world.

The World Radio Network can be received from direct-to-home satellites, cable TV, internet
audio streams and some local radio affiliates, as well as via the TuneIn phone app.

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