Today’s viewers expect network content streamed to their multiscreen devices and played back at the same level of quality as traditional broadcast TV. Achieving that level of quality requires industry-leading expertise combined with best-of-breed technology that is cost effective and scales with you.

Encompass is able to leverage our multi-year history of successfully delivering the highest quality linear programming to provide preeminent streaming over the Internet on a full-time basis with 24/7 monitoring delivering to TVEverywhere systems and OTT solutions and platforms.

  • Signal acquisition
  • Encode/transcode and packaging
  • End-to-end monitor and support
  • DRM encryption
  • Closed caption, ad insertion and ad marking
  • Live-to-VOD
  • Disaster recovery

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As viewership increasingly shifts to digital platforms, networks are looking for incremental opportunities to distribute their content including creating unique digital channels for TVEverywhere (TVE), over-the-top (OTT) platforms and OTT solutions. Creating a new digital channel specifically for online streaming combines all of the value-added services of Encompass’ channel playout service with full-time streaming to create a truly end-to-end digital streaming and distribution solution.

Further downstream services such as online video providers (OVPs) and content delivery networks (CDNs) can also be provisioned through strategic partnerships.

  • Ingest and content aggregation
  • 100% and automated QC
  • Graphics ads, logos, subtitles and additional audio tracks
  • Stream decoration with SCTE104/35 signaling
  • OVP and CDN services
  • Disaster recovery

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Encompass ChannelMark™ automatically prepares a linear channel with SCTE messages marking the beginning and ending of each program segment and advertisement along with adding high-quality metadata enabling frame accurate source file output including AVOD, SVOD, Live-to-VOD and digital ad Insertion. The dynamic workflow and process automation helps you monetize content faster and target more markets while optimizing costs.
  • Advanced meta-tagging
  • Automatic VOD output
  • Rapid program segment reorder
  • One-to-many file outputs
  • Enables server-side ad replacement

See how we partnered with A+E Networks UK to provide VOD solutions



Encompass’ ChannelDerivative™ solution, combined with the power of ChannelMark, enables alternate channel creation based on primary linear feeds with a limited portion of content, ads and promos replaced. ChannelDerivative offers content owners and distributors a cost-effective method to create alternative content channels for different distribution points that don’t require an entirely new origination. Now, you can cost-effectively accelerate time to market and efficiently monetize content in more ways than ever before.
  • Cost-effective commercial opt channels
  • Scalability
  • Speed to market
  • Broadcast-quality channel output
  • File-based and live content
  • Automated content replacement
  • Replace logos, branding and ratings


Online video streaming is growing at an astonishing rate due to rapid increases in bandwidth capacity and decreasing costs. The challenge for content providers is to protect revenue by providing options to viewers that retain their loyalty.

Encompass’ extensive satellite network, fiber facilities and IP backhaul can capture a live event from anywhere in the world. The signal is encoded to adaptive bitrate segments (ABR), packaged with necessary encryption and delivered to a nominated endpoint for streaming.

Live events are supported by a dedicated production manager for the entire event. Events are managed and monitored by a team of broadcast TV and digital services experts from one of our global Digital Monitoring Centers to ensure the highest quality viewing experience and service.


In today’s ever-changing television environment, it is critical to have a partner that is flexible and understands how to get content to the diverse VOD ecosystem with the appropriate metadata. We have developed a unique set of automated workflows as part of our platform that enable VOD and CVOD files to run seamlessly through the system reducing costs and improving speed to market. Our VOD/CVOD outlets include cable, satellite, IPTV, telco and OTT and TVEverywhere – over 155 globally.


  • Ingest content files
  • Transcode to required formats
  • QC and archive
  • Package with metadata, encryption, and thumbnails
  • Deliver to end-points (MVPDs and CDNs)


  • Ingest uncompressed HD-SDI from video or channel playout
  • Capture programming blocks
  • Create frame accurate assets
  • QC and archive
  • Package with metadata, encryption and thumbnails

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Content owners are constantly searching for ways to maximize revenue through increased viewership and offering value-add services to customers that differentiate themselves in this crowded market. As consumer consumption habits evolve, content owners must explore alternative delivery options that address the changing landscape.

Encompass can help content owners navigate this emerging market with over-the-top (OTT) solutions that directly address their customer base. From 24/7 linear streaming, complete suite of video-on-demand (VOD) services and partnerships with leading content delivery networks (CDN) and online video platform (OVP) providers, Encompass has the technology and expertise to help design the right end-to-end experience for your customers.

See how we partnered with A+E Networks UK to provide VOD solutions



The approximate 20% year-over-year surge in the video streaming market is driving interest in new revenue opportunities from adjacent technology providers. These virtual multichannel video programming distributors (V-MVPD) seek to offer similar yet more cost effective pay TV viewing experiences to that of traditional cable and satellite providers today. To do this, you need access to the content, the ability and expertise to create streaming channels and the infrastructure to distribute content anytime, anywhere.

Encompass’ DNA is founded on the ability to capture, process and deliver video content anywhere on the planet. Our global footprint and scalable technology infrastructure is designed to offer cost effective digital streaming solutions for OTT platforms and TVEverywhere systems. Encompass services 850+channels, streams 3,000 hours of content daily, across eight facilities on four continents.

  • Ingest and content aggregation
  • 100% and automated QC
  • Graphics ads, logos, subtitles and additional audio tracks
  • Stream decoration with SCTE104/35 signaling
  • OVP and CDN services
  • Disaster recovery


Encompass partners with leading OVP and CDN technology platforms to enable intelligent, automated, primary and multi-platform OTT content distribution to any device anywhere. Content owners, networks and service providers can reach new markets, monetize content through new business models and increase revenue.
  • Subscription, ad supported, free revenue model support
  • Downstream dynamic ad insertion
  • Content protection and DRM
  • Live streaming and VOD
  • Deliver to multiple platforms
  • Targeted marketing and personalization