Encompass offers end-to-end live event services on a global basis. Using our unique combination of assets, we capture your event from anywhere, process it to your desired format and deliver it to any screen, anywhere on the planet. Our team of experts offer premium production support to manage all of your live event needs whether it is via satellite, fiber or over the internet.

  • Award-winning Teleports and media ports
  • Extensive fiber and IP networks
  • Fleet of satellite uplink trucks
  • End-to-end backhaul coordination
  • Live event project management
  • IP via satellite


Encompass is positioned to serve as a base of operations for clients extending their global coverage. With 140 interconnected antennas, we can access nearly every video bearing satellite across 360 degrees of the orbital arc enabling us to transmit content anywhere in the world.

  • 7 Teleports worldwide
  • Uplink/downlink across 6 continents
  • Global C- and Ku-band antennas
  • Occasional-use satellite capacity procurement
  • Signal manipulation
  • Media playback and record
  • Main channel integration


Encompass’ extensive terrestrial network extends to most major fiber and IP providers which allows us to offer seamless transmission services. Our award-winning Teleports have established a dual and diverse internal global fiber network with 34,000 route miles of fiber, over 20 PoPs (points-of-presence) and intelligent routing technologies. Our unrivalled Tier 1 connectivity at Encompass Waterfront, 40+ peering relationships and unmatched media ports in Asia, EMEA, LATAM and across domestic North America enable us to easily move our clients’ content anywhere in the world.

Encompass continues to see an uptick in IP-based delivery specifically in regards to OTT, and we remain at the forefront of this industry sea change. With access to best-of-breed partnerships and a vast IP backbone, we continue to increase our clients’ ability to meet their consumers’ progressing demand for content consumption on any device.

  • Procure third-party fiber
  • Access to high-profile venues
  • Encompass’ internal Global Interconnect Fiber Network
  • Remote encoding
  • Managed IP services


Encompass offers an array of end-to-end streaming solutions including signal acquisition, stream encoding, processing and delivering to multiscreen devices via our Online Video Provider (OVP) and Content Delivery Network (CDN) services. Our multi-platform distribution services provide custom solutions to seamlessly deliver your event to any platform efficiently and cost effectively.

  • 24/7 digital NOCs
  • Signal acquisition
  • Stream encoding
  • Partnerships with OVPs and CDNs
  • Premium support


Encompass operates a U.S.-based satellite uplink fleet that strategically blankets the Northeastern and Southeastern parts of the country. Encompass Live, our elite field production team, is experienced in a variety of transmission environments including news, sporting and corporate events. Our team of best-of-breed engineers, supported by our world-class Teleports, can manage any broadcast requirement.

We are able to establish media or baseline communications rapidly for television networks capturing footage to government agencies securing communication lines such as phone or Internet. We can also deploy our fully redundant flyaway systems around the globe when your location is inaccessible by a satellite truck.

  • C- and Ku-band
  • Remote HD encoding (MPEG-2/4)
  • 24/7 booking
  • Event coordination
  • HD/SD multi-camera production
  • Live streaming media/webcasting

Call our booking department any time at +1 678.421.6834. We are here to assist you with your next project.


Ku-band Production



Encompass’ production facilities offer clients a wide range of studio and stage options, equipment rental, crewing and post production services. From large-scale HD productions to live shots, media tours and webcasts, we have the perfect environment for any project. In addition, all of our studios and stages have interconnectivity to provide live distribution via satellite or fiber.


Encompass’ Atlanta insert stage is the perfect setting for live shots, media tours, news stories, webcasts, product shots, training videos and green screen effects. The control room features interconnectivity with our Teleport and data center for live webcasts and satellite or fiber broadcasts worldwide.


Encompass’ Insert Stage Features

  • 30′ x 30′ Total space (25’ x 27’ within the cyc)
  • 2 wall curved cyc with cyc lights
  • Lighting grid on 4′ centers at 12’6″ high
  • Quiet HVAC
  • 450 amps of total power
  • Interconnectivity for satellite and fiber distribution
  • Simultaneous live feed capability


Additional Stage Specs

  • Separate grip and lighting storage area
  • Easy access to loading dock for efficient load in/out
  • Convenient “mouse holes” for additional cabling
  • Lighting and grip available
  • Make-up and green room
  • Control room
  • Intercom and IFB
  • Telos “Link” (audio to intercom) interface
  • Telos “One-x-Six” talk show system for IFB
  • Wireless mic packages available
  • AJA KiPro Video Recorder available


Encompass’ Live Shot Room Features

  • Single camera for “talking head” interviews
  • Atlanta skyline backdrops (daytime or nighttime)
  • Interconnectivity for satellite and fiber distribution
  • IFB and PL phone interfaces


Encompass’ rental equipment includes:

  • HD/SD camera packages (stand-alone or multi-camera flypack configurations)
  • Panasonic HDX-900 Cameras with DVCPro HD recorders
  • AJA KiPro Recorders
  • Monitors
  • Lighting and grip equipment
  • Audio and communication
  • SD Production Uplink Truck (full specs on request)
  • HD Satellite Uplink Trucks with basic production capability
    • Video switcher
    • 16 input audio console
    • Video / Audio routing
    • Camera engineering station
    • Multi-channel intercom


Encompass’ Minneapolis insert and head shot stages are conveniently located in the heart of downtown. Both stages provide the perfect environment for live shots, media tours, news stories, webcasts, product shots and training videos. The control room is connected to our Teleport which transmits live broadcasts around the world via satellite or fiber.


Encompass’ Studio 1 Features

  • 12′ x 20′
  • 1 – Sony HD camera
  • 2 – 16×9 SD cameras
  • Ki Pro playback and record
  • Lighting grids at 9′ high
  • Set pieces and background curtains available
  • Talking head shots, Satellite Media Tours
  • Quiet HVAC in studio and control room
  • Interconnectivity for satellite and fiber distribution
  • Simultaneous live feed capability
  • Full IFB/PL support
  • Color corrected DLP rear projection for static and animation backgrounds
  • Wireless internet connectivity
  • Make-up and green room available


Encompass’ Studio 4 Features

  • 12′ x 12′ studio area with versatile set and curtain surround
  • Single camera HD capability
  • Format conversion for 4×3 and 16×9 with resolution selection
  • Teleprompters on cameras with local teleprompter computer available
  • Ki Pro, Beta tape and DVD recording and playback
  • Talking head shots, Satellite Media Tours
  • Lighting grids at 9′ high
  • Quiet HVAC in studio and control room
  • Photo backdrops available
  • Interconnectivity for satellite and fiber distribution
  • Full IFB/PL support
  • Color corrected DLP rear projection for static and animation backgrounds
  • Wireless Internet connectivity (filtered)
  • Make-up and green room available


Encompass Singapore can accommodate your HD or SD project with its state-of-the-art studio and post production facilities. Our stage spans over 4,300 sq. ft. and offers a dedicated control gallery, green room, furnished office space, quiet HVAC system as well as satellite and fiber connectivity for live distribution. We are also able to provide post production services with our in-house HD graphics equipment featuring digital, linear and non-linear technology.


Encompass’ studio facilities and equipment features

  • 4,315 sq. ft.
  • 543 sq. ft. studio control gallery
  • Quiet air conditioning
  • Interconnectivity for live distribution via satellite or fiber
  • Dressing room
  • Restroom
  • Production office space
  • Audio video I/O tie lines from control to studio

Production Equipment:

  • Ross Vision Series Production Switcher
  • Ross XPression CG
  • 4 Hitachi Camera CU-HD1000
  • 2 Sony DVW-A500P
  • 2 Sony XDCAM
  • 2 PCR multiviewer monitoring display Harris Predator
  • M7CL audio mixing console
  • Lighting control from studio control


Encompass Singapore’s state-of-the-art, HD post and graphics production facilities feature digital, linear and non-linear technology. In-house post-production services include video editing and finishing, audio mixing, motion graphics and compositing, and multi-format tape or digital file output as well as Final Cut Server media management.

Encompass Singapore’s post-production equipment includes

  • Adobe Premiere HD/SD workstations
  • Audio post production with voice booth (2 Pro Tools workstations)
  • Systems available:
    • Apple Mac Pro – Mac OS X with SuperDrive
    • Adobe Creative Production Premium suite
    • Sony Digital Betacam tape decks
    • Centralized NAS edit storage
  • Full engineering support


Encompass’ Stamford production facilities include three studios (55′ x 45′, 56′ x 41′ and head shot room) and offer an exceptional location at the center of Stamford, overlooking the Long Island Sound. It grants easy access from New York City via Route 95 or Metro North with inter-connectivity to the world.


Encompass’ HD Production Studio A Features

  • 55′ x 45′
  • Lighting grid height of 18′
  • Interconnectivity for live distribution via satellite or fiber
  • Air conditioned
  • Make-up / Green room
  • Production office space
  • Wireless Internet connectivity
  • Basic Quartz Studio Lighting Inventory 

Additional Studio Specs

  • Snell & Wilcox Kahuna production switcher
  • Calrec digital audio console
  • Chyron HyperX
  • EVS
  • Miranda KX multiscreen processor with Barco monitor wall
  • 3 Sony HDC1500 HD cameras on Vinten 90 heads
  • 1 Sony HDC1500 HD cameras on Jimmy Jib
  • Teleprompters
  • Strand CD80 Dimmers, 80 @ 2.4kw and 8 @ 6kw
  • ETC (Element Lighting Control)
  • TECH power on backup generator


Encompass’ Production Studio B Features

  • 56′ x 41′
  • Lighting grid height of 15′
  • Interconnectivity for live distribution via satellite or fiber
  • Air conditioned
  • Make-up room
  • Dressing room
  • Production office space
  • Wireless Internet connectivity
  • Quartz Studio Lighting Inventory

Additional Studio Specs

  • Strand CD80 Dimmers, 36 @ 2.4kw and 30 @ 6kw
  • ETC (512 Channel Expression II Lighting Control)
  • TECH power on backup generator


Encompass’ Head Shot Studio C Features

  • Single camera / Single guest
  • Talking head
  • Interconnectivity for live satellite or fiber distribution
  • Multiple backdrops
  • Adjacent make-up /Green room
  • Internet and phone access
  • Teleprompter

Additional Studio Specs

  • Bureau Cam HD 720p/1080i or SD selectable output with integrated audio, PL, IFB and robotic camera control
  • Option of large plasma background monitor for digital or moving backgrounds
  • DMX controlled CFL lighting system with dimmable ARRI lighting fixture complement


Production space options include

  • Production offices
  • Make-up rooms
  • Green rooms

Production amenities include

  • On-site parking
  • 24/7/365 security
  • Telephone and data connections
  • High-speed Internet
  • Cable TV service