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SEASON ROLLOVER – Why do shortwave frequencies have to change?

By Neale Bateman, BBC Account Manager, Encompass Digital Media Despite a slow decline over the past two decades, the use of high-frequency (shortwave) bands for national and international radio broadcasting remains a uniquely effective and efficient medium for reaching millions of listeners with a single transmitter. Bringing reliable and impartial news and information to global audiences provides a lifeline for remote populations who depend on a trustworthy source of information and education. And, never has this been demonstrated more starkly than […]

March 24, 2020

Spotlight on Ascension Island

Ascension Island – a six-mile stretch of volcanic rock in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean and part of the British Overseas Territory of St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cuna – is home to the BBC’s Atlantic Relay Station. Managed and operated by Encompass on behalf of the BBC World Service, the stations’ six powerful shortwave transmitters have been beaming critical radio broadcasts to millions of listeners in some of the remotest parts of Africa for more than […]

February 25, 2020

From Emerging Curiosity to Accepted Global Phenomenon, eSports Continues to Rise

Whether you regard eSports as a sport or not, with prize money already in the millions of dollars and a business with a predicted net worth of $3bn by 2022, eSports continues to rise as it commands a significant interest and audience and is only set to rise further.

February 18, 2020

Ascension Island – An Island Radio Transmission Station

Though running an island may not typically be what comes to mind when you think of digital media services, Ascension Island is a key component of the BBC’s critical daily radio broadcast to more than 30 million people across the service area. With the acquisition of Babcock Media Services, Encompass Digital Media is now responsible for all of the BBC World Service’s overseas infrastructure, and that includes operating the BBC’s Atlantic Relay Station on Ascension Island.

Ascension Island Coastline

January 22, 2019

5 Things to Consider Before Streaming Live Events

Consumers want to be able to watch live video content wherever they are and they expect a broadcast-quality experience, even when viewing live events. Quality of experience is key when it comes to streaming live events where every second matters. Many new market entrants fail to understand the true complexity of live event management or exactly what it takes to deliver flawless live video content. If you think you’re ready to start live streaming events, make sure you’ve considered these five things first.

5 Things to Consider Before Streaming Live Events

November 26, 2018

What the TV Industry Can Learn from the Music Industry’s Technology Transformation

Recent decades have seen technological advances that have revolutionized the music industry and its distribution channels. History has a strange habit of repeating itself and technological evolutions, such as Virtual Multi-Video Programming Distributors (vMVPD) and video consumption, are now disrupting the TV industry.

What the TV industry can learn from the music industry's transformation

November 6, 2018

A n00b’s Guide to eSports – Monetizing Live Events

eSports is about to be a multi-billion dollar industry, but there are digital transmission issues major advertisers won’t tolerate.

A n00b’s Guide to eSports – Monetizing Live Events

April 24, 2018

What is a Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributor (vMVPD)?

What is the Skinny on the Skinny Bundle? How can content owners reach OTT users who have cut the cord or are cord-nevers? What is a Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributor (vMVPD)? How do these terms and services impact content owners, and what does it take to be successful?

What is a Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributor

October 30, 2017

Our Guide on Going OTT – Don’t be afraid. Be prepared.

Our Guide on Going OTT walks you through the planning process, content and details required to make a successful shift to OTT.

Our Guide on Going OTT. Don't be afraid. Be prepared.

October 5, 2017

The broadcasters’ content & video processing journey to the cloud

Now more than ever, it is clear that mainstream audiences’ viewing habits are changing from a passive schedule-led approach to a more active on-demand model. If you’re considering migrating content processing services to the cloud, then there are a few key things you should do that will help set you on the right path.

The broadcasters’ content & video processing journey to the cloud

October 2, 2017

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